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Your 100 Point Accounting Inspection

Just like your car requires an annual inspection to run safely, your finances deserve to be "deemed" safe too. Kick off your year in 2024 with accurate bookkeeping and accounting.

What Is an Accounting Inspection?

We are offering a full 100 pt Inspection service and audit to both clients and non-clients for a flat fee of $5,000. From organization and housekeeping to management and strategy, our team is ready to help you fine tune your accounts in 2024.

The 100 pt. Inspection service allows our team to deep dive into your financial background to help you take action toward a brighter financial future. Learn more about what the service offers below.


What is Reviewed in the Inspection?


Chart of Accounts



plant with assets on branches

Fixed Asset Account

Current Assets

Other Assets


Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable

Income Statements


Long-Term Liabilities

Current Liabilities


Are You a Good Candidate?

• Are your bank and credit card accounts reconciled monthly?
• Do your financial reports make sense?
• Are any of the balances on the current balance sheet negative?
• Does your company use the online bank feed feature?
• Does your payroll liabilities account have a balance?
• Are your books on an accrual basis?
• Do you use the AR or AP function?
• Does your accounting software add multiple names for the same vendor?
• Do you have transactions that are booked to ask my accountant, uncategorized asset, or uncategorized expense?
• Have your books ever been examined by a CPA?

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