have you fully closed your books?

Make sure to check these items off before tax preparation

It's tax season and you're ready to get started on tax preparation. Before you work on your taxes, you’ll need to make sure that the accounting records for your company are properly closed!

Closing your books is a bit more involved than waiting for the clock to hit midnight on New Year's Eve. There are several steps you need to take in order to ensure everything is wrapped up, including reconciling accounts, examining account balances, posting certain adjustments and filing necessary Forms 1099.

Getting it all done in time for tax season can be overwhelming. What needs to be done and where do you start? We've outlined it all for you in this simple checklist. 

The How to Close Your Books checklist includes:

    • Actionable steps to close your books
    • Why  it's important you close them
    • Specific tasks to be sure to handle

Don't let tax filing sneak up on you without making sure to end this chapter. Download our checklist by filling out the form.