What are you doing today to keep your business alive tomorrow?

Ensure your Business can keep Going

Even the most savvy, successful business professionals can fall flat without a structured business plan. No matter where your business is at currently, understanding business continuation is something that will help prepare you for the future. We have teamed up with John Eggleton of Foster Financial Group and Wendell Stallings of Ameritas Life Insurance Company to bring you the Keeping Your Business Alive webinar. 

This webinar reviews crucial concepts for small business owners to consider. Specific topics that will be covered include, but are not limited to: 

  • What is business continuation planning
  • What is a buy-sell agreement
  • Risk assessment and your business (exercise)
Having confidence in the smooth transition of your business is important to your peace of mind as a business owner. To get the full presentation, make sure to download the webinar by filling out this form.